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Our Model

Cardinal Strategy Group builds companies.  Not merely turning around a distressed or underperforming company but developing a new business model, entering new markets and seizing new opportunities.  Utilizing a time-tested, proprietary approach, Cardinal can transform a distressed or underperforming company into a great company. 


Cardinal focuses on long-term growth rather than short term recovery.  This unique combination of dedicated management and investment capital enables Cardinal to provide superior economic value to all stakeholders of a distressed company. Cardinal succeeds where many consulting and equity groups fall short:  cash recovery to stakeholders, turnaround expertise, fulltime management and a strategic focus on long-term growth.


The hands-on, fulltime management and turnaround expertise minimizes enterprise risk and significantly adds to long-term value.  Cardinal’s turnaround expertise increases cash flow, increases EBITDA, streamlines infrastructure and optimizes operating processes.


With Cardinal’s turnaround expertise, the previously distressed or underperforming company is stabilized and positioned for new growth.  Utilizing a proprietary strategic planning methodology, Cardinal aligns the companies’ capabilities and expertise to create strategic competitive advantage within its market.  The senior management team can then focus on new growth – not on recovery or survival, as in the past – 100% focus on growth.


Since a distressed company is cash-starved and has long-suffered from lack of capital projects, new capital is invested after the company is stabilized.  This supports the long-term growth initiatives that are part of the new strategic plan.


By providing the unique combination of hands-on turnaround management and capital resources, Cardinal’s ‘fix-then-build’ approach produces superior returns to all stakeholders and offers an innovative solution to distressed and under-performing companies.